Postponed Until Further Notice

The paper that needs to be written. The trash that needs to be sorted. The guest room that needs to be repainted. The zoom meeting that you need to partake in. The dentist appointment that you need to make because something feels wrong with your left upper molar.

It’s not just you who is stalling. Postponement is all around us.

Whether it is a feeling, a wish, or an activity that you or the people around you partake in, there is no denying that everyone has an urge or an instinct to forestall certain things. During this project, we stacked all of these increments of lost time, and established a place of discussion and creation revolving around postponement.

Postponed Until Further Notice is a hybrid publication featuring six digital artworks that respond to notions of time, delay, and rest. The project was developed as a response to the constant postponement and cancellation of cultural events during the pandemic – and presents itself as an artefact of time spent reflecting on postponement in a wider context. The project asks how postponement can create a space for reflection, experimentation, and alternative timelines.

As a non-linear roadmap, the hybrid publication shows the complexity and versatility of procrastination and encourages the reader to find their own path, all the while – stumbling upon digitally hosted artworks along the way. The ownership of the publication is distributed, shared, and delayed as it is continuously being sent to new people.

We invite you to trace the lines, linger at the knots, and explore this enmeshment entanglement of time we spent pondering on postponement.

How to become a temporary host of the Postponed Until Further Notice project:
– Shoot a mail to with a mention of your name and address and you'll receive it in your mailbox
– Unfold the publication, trace the lines, and scan the QR codes to view the artworks
– Hang it on the wall, let it linger on the coffee table
– Share the publication with your friends, show it to your witty neighbour
– Leave a trace of your presence by writing your name and city on the back
– Send it to the next person (we’ll notify by mail)
– Don't feel guilty if you're late

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Postponed Until Further Notice is a project by Marijn Bril, Ivana Emily Škoro, Ivy Go, Jordi Viader Guerrero, Lee McDonald, Maruša Uhan, Sebastián Mira, and Yoojin Lee. It started as a curatorial experiment into postponement during The Wrong Biennale (a special thanks to David Quiles Guilló for his advice!) and has evolved during our time spent together online – talking, sharing, and waiting.

The project is kindly supported by the Experiment Grant of the Creative Industries Fund NL.