Postponed Until Further Notice

The Wrong Biennale n°5 embassy/pavillion initiated by Marijn Bril

The 'We're open!' board on the sidewalk is retired to the storage room. The projectors and speakers in the exhibition space are shut off, the lights are dimmed, the alarm is turned on and the front door is locked. Eventually, the institution has no other choice but to share on social media that she regrets to inform that the event is cancelled and pending further notice.

Postponed Until Further Notice reflects the recurring phenomena of the past 20 months in which (cultural) events were cancelled abruptly and had to be postponed to a later moment. Countless things, ideas and moments have been cancelled and forgotten or brought back to life at a later date and time, in a similar form but in a different context. The later version might make sense: people are happy to finally get together for that [thing] they've been waiting for. Or the occasion is gone, forever lost and cannot be recreated at a later time. Personal or political crisis, production setbacks, procrastination, changing social-cultural values or simply a need for rest can lead to delay. The project is an ode to the feeling of suspension and leans into the inconvenience of indecisiveness.

As such, the project embodies its own near future, freezing a state or condition that never happened. How long can this condition last is unclear, its seemingly limitless duration provides both anxiety and solace. Postponed Until Further Notice meditates on its own absence. The project builds on Robert Barry's Closed Gallery (1969), in which the artist sent invitations for gallery openings stating 'During the exhibition the gallery will be closed’. The work suggested that something was missing while simultaneous manifesting presence and absence.

And even though the project is Postponed Until Further Notice, other conditions may form in its shadows. As the event was always a socio-spatial occurrence, it might mutate into other forms of existence. The comment section under the institutional statement of postponement might become a place of discussion. The bench in front of the closed institution's entrance could become a place of pilgrimage for the disciples of the arts. Its state of being postponed might become the project itself.


The Postponed Until Further Notice -team consists of David Quiles Guilló, Ivana Emily Škoro, Ivy Go, Jordi Viader Guerrero, Lee McDonald, Marijn Bril, Maruša Uhan, Sebastián Mira, and Yoojin Lee.

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This project is part of The Wrong Biennale. It is made possible by the kind support of Creative Industries Fund NL.